We often take driving for granted but it’s a complex skill requiring physical, visual and mental abilities.

Most adults hold a driver’s licence and the majority of us rely on our car to get around. A driver’s licence is an important part of staying independent, which is why people want to keep driving as long as possible.

This information is not only for older drivers but for anyone who may have concerns about a family member or friend. It is to assist in understanding changes that may affect safe driving and provide practical strategies for recognising, adapting to and planning for these changes.

We currently deliver Older Driver Education programs in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Programs are available during business hours only.

Ontario’s Senior Driver License Renewals

In the Province of Ontario, once you reach the age of 80, you must renew your driver license every two years.
In order to renew your license, you must pay the applicable licensing fee, complete a vision test, a written test on the rules of the road and signs, and take part in a group education session and pass a driving test.

ABC Driver’s Training School gives individual attention to drivers and their individual needs. Whether you have been behind the wheel for 80 years, or have yet to get into the driver’s seat, we will guide you along the path to skillful, defensive driving, and help you pass the MTO driver’s test.

Help Your Loved Ones to Become Independent

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